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Hajj Package Schedule of 2020. ( Available only for Indians as of now )

Hajj Package 2020, going to Hajj / Saudi directly from Dubai / Sharjah & return back to Dubai / Sharjah directly from Saudi after Hajj.

Total Number of Package Days: 17

Any Indian from any part of the world can use Regal Hajj service to go for Hajj from UAE now.

UAE residence visa is NOT required.

If you are in UAE and if you want any of your Indian relatives or friends who are in any other countries to join you for Hajj, pilot Travels can help you to do that.

Quick Reference:

Flying Directly
From Dubai / Sharjah to Makkah on July – 22 ( 3 Hours Flying Time )
From Madinah to Dubai / Sharjah on August – 06 ( 2 Hours & 30 Minutes Flying Time )


You will go directly to Hajj from Dubai / Sharjah & you will come back to Dubai / Sharjah directly back from Hajj.

Departure & return will be from & to Dubai / Sharjah airport.

In Shaa Allaah Holy Hajj 2020 will be from 22nd July Wednesday to 6th August Thursday.

Holy Arafat day will be on the 2nd of August

In Makkah, we will be staying in 5-Star Elaf kinda hotel which will be less than 200 meters From Makkah Haram.

We will stay in Madinah in 5-Star Crowne Plaza hotel which is 250 meters from Haram.


Hajj Visa:

For Hajj visas, clear passport copy & clear passport size photo with white background is required.

Sometimes, for some passports, the Hajj visa-issuing authorities might ask to present the original passport.

If in case, the original passport is required to obtain your Hajj visa approval, we will inform you accordingly, & original passport needs to be brought to pilot travelsoffice.

Hajj visa will be rejected only for those with any kind of previous blacklist issues in Saudi Arabia.



Since we are flying from Dubai for Hajj, vaccination is not required. However, if you feel the need of being vaccinated, you can do it.


Hotel Rooms:

4 People will be sharing each room during the stay at Makkah & Madinah.

In Azeeziyah, there can be up 4 to 6 people in 1 room.

In gents room, there will be 4 gents & in the ladies room, there will be 4 ladies.

However, if you are a family or friends (same gender) of 4, then you do not need to pay anything extra for your exclusive room, you will get your room which will accommodate the 4 of you from you from your personal group.


This package includes 3 times food. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Dishes will be of normal Indian cuisine.

Inclusive: Rice, Fish, Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Vegetables, Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Milk, Juices, Bread, Dosa, Porotta, Chappathy, etc



We hold limited confirmed seats for Hajj 2020 & it will be available only to those who book first.

We will not be able to accept any new bookings request once our quota is over.

If you have decided to go for Hajj in 2020, then it is better to do your booking today, just to ensure that you do not miss the chance.

To do the booking, please send your clear passport copies & photos by or by WhatsApp to +971507271701 mention Hajj Booking.

Please mention your mobile number in all correspondence, to ensure that you get a timely prompt response.

Hajj visas will be rejected only of those who have any kind of previous ban or blacklist issues in Saudi government’s immigration records, otherwise, the visa is guaranteed.



A minimum payment of AED 10,000 is required to accept your booking for Hajj & the balance amount has to be cleared 100% before the 15th of June 2020.

In case the balance is not cleared 100% before the 15th of June, then we will not be able to guarantee your Hajj

Payments can be done at our office in Ajman or by bank transfer.

We will share the payment methods with you as soon as you have sent your passport copies to us for your Hajj booking.



Highly experienced Hajj Ameer will be traveling with you to guide you & to help you at places of Hajj & its’ related procedures.

We will also be conducting Hajj preparatory classes for you, 2 weeks before the departure from UAE.



This is a 17 days package. If you wish to have a lesser number of days for the Hajj, you can leave from Dubai late, or on any dates closer to Hajj as you choose and join your Hajj group in Saudi.
And you can return to UAE as soon as the Hajj is over.

However, if you wish to have your personalized travel schedule other than as prepared in our package, you will have to purchase the UAE to Saudi & return air ticket on your own.


Extra expenses:

This is a complete package & all your necessary expenses are included in this package.

Apart from this, you will NOT need to keep more than 1000 AED in your hand for any personal expenses.

Also, you will pay AED 500 for Qurbani ( Odhiyah ) while staying in Mina tent, this has to be given with your hand. This AED 500 is NOT included in the package.


Important to remember – disclaimer.

This schedule is subject to change any time with or without notice & this schedule may not be the final one.

If there will be any changes in the schedule, it will be updated here on this page.

If Dubai / Saudi Govt. announces any additional Govt fees at a later stage, that fee will be added to the payment.
So far, there is no additional fees announced by the above mentioned Countries.

Pilot Travels wishes you a blessed & accepted Hajj.


  • Hajj Visa
  • Air Ticket
  • Experienced Ameer & Hajj coordinator
  • Food
  • Tents in Mina and Arafat
  • All Transfers

Date: July - 22 to July - 25

Place: Makkah
Dates: July - 22 to July - 25
Hotel: Elaf kinda 5 Star – Less than 200 Meters from Haram / 3 Minutes walking distance.

Date: July - 25 to July -28

Place: Aziziyah
Dates: July - 25 to July -28
Hotel: Furnished Apartments.

Date: July - 28 to August -03

Dates: July - 28 to August -03
Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat

Date: August - 03 to August – 04

Place: Aziziyah
Dates: August - 03 to August – 04
Furnished Apartments.

Date: August – 04 to August – 06

Place: Madinah
Dates: August – 04 to August – 06
Hotel: Crowne Plaza 5 Star – 250 Meters from Haram / 3 Minutes walking distance from Haram.

6th August return to Dubai / Sharjah from Madinah airport.