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Stay in Dubai enclosed by world-class attractions. Well liked exciting activities are Desert safari, Rock climbing, Sand boarding, Dune bashing, helicopter riding etc.

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If you are planning a Romantic vacation, Family trip, or an all-embracing holiday, we provide an absolute travel guide to Dubai, including how to Reach, Best Time to Visit. We offer unique arrangements if you wish to rejoice an event on board.

Private Guide

Our professional, experienced and passionate guides will help you to visit places in Dubai with full information on all attractions, sightseeing tours, shopping and more

Location Manager

We provide handsome and elegant professional location manager who will make an excellent analysis of guests and make the proper arrangement of the given task in more responsible manner.


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UAE Tour Visa

Dubai Visa within 2 days. Fast service and easy documentation.

Umra and Hajj services

We are one of the leading tour operators for Haj and Umrah tours in Dubai.

Worldwide tour package

Explore a world with so many tours and choices that one trip might just not be enough.

Shengen visa

Easiest ways to get a Schengen tourist visa is applied through Pilot-travels.

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A wonderfully diverse destination with an amazing variety of locations.